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English / Product

Third generation bionic EEG stimulator

CVFT-MG 201 Vertical/Portable

After a large number of animal experiments at home and abroad over the past 30 years and clinical verification in the past ten years in our country, the...

Deep muscle stimulator


DMS-1000 presented deep vibration and shock wave effect during soft tissue treatment.After working,it can decrease exciting of the sympathetic nervous activity...

MMW treatment principle


Millimeter wave(MMW)is a special region in electromagenetic,between microwave and infra red.The wavelength is 10mm-1mm,and frequency range is 30GHZ-...

Sliding suspension treatment system

QK-PTS 1000 / QK-PSS 1000

Sling exercise training,Chinese on suspension treatment technology, the earliest literature found in Yuan Dynasty in 1337 Wei Yilin. This effect was...